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Biofarma is the industrial centre which formulates, produces and manufactures cosmetics, food supplements and medical devices exclusively for third parties. In our company the client can find all of the solutions and products to satisfy their needs, tailored to suit their specific requirements.
For 30 years Biofarma has contributed to the success of its clients by offering a complete service, from the first idea to the finished product. Biofarma is constantly investing in research and development, in new production processes and advanced machinery, and in the professionalism of its team.
It is the ability to innovate that makes Biofarma an international benchmark in the field of Consumer Health and Beauty Care.

From ideas to finished products

Biofarma listens to its clients in order to transform their ideas into reality, using our skills, innovation and reliability. It offers knowledge, confidentiality and the best technologies in terms of development, industrialization, production, regulatory and quality standards and certification.

food supplements


Food supplements

Biofarma is specialized in the development and production of dietary supplements in solid, liquid or powder form using different packaging types.

Medical devices

Biofarma manufactures medical devices in classes I, II, III in liquid, solid, for internal, topical, oral and invasive use.


Facial treatments, products for the body, hair, hygiene and skin care, even for the most sensitive and delicate children.

The new wooden building by Domus Gaia

It will be in Udine, in Mereto di Tomba, in the heart of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a new wooden-building, that will host the administration and representative offices of Biofarma. An important project carried out in a region which, with greater and greater strength responds to the n ...

Biofarma is partner of oraCle

Biofarma is partner of oraCle, an innovative research project funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia autonomous region within the ERDF ROP 2014-2020, activity 1.3.b, Smart Health specialisation area, within the aimed at studying a new integrated approach to oral therapy of Crohn's d ...

What does the talent of the Research and Development team of a leader in the formulation of food supplements have in common, and the adventures of Danilo Callegari, an extreme adventurer, who recently leave for the South Pole of the world to accomplish another sensational success? The desire to constantly try to overcome their limits brought them together, but the collaboration became possible with the following key words: teamwork, reliability, competence, innovation.

Biofarma R&D, indeed, addressed the need to develop an entire nutrition and food integration program tailored to Callegari. And it was a challenge in the challenge since three different levels of complexity were present in the accomplishment of this delicate objective.

A challenge of substance

The timely dialogue with Danilo nutritionists allowed Biofarma R&D Team to know and identify all the foods, substances and nutrients that make up his diet, to propose them in a food plan that was consistent with his habits and needs.

A challenge of form

How to allow Danilo to feed in an arid and icy environment, when everything necessary for his livelihood travels on a 150kg sled that he must tow for 1,200km? Biofarma R&D has formulated food substitutes with concentrated nutritional properties, proposed in an innovative form: light, compact and easy to transport, in single-dose packs, practical to open and consume even in hostile environments.

A challenge of mind

Every sporting adventure requires a high psychological component as well: in approaching Antarctica Extreme, Biofarma R&D also examined this aspect. In a totally white and flat environment like Antarctica, feeding goes beyond the primitive need for survival. For this reason, Biofarma R&D has studied the psychology of Danilo's taste, developing foods that are faithful to the tastes of the most loved dishes by the athlete, both to break the monotony of taste and to allow him to return with his mind, through the palate, to the consumption of the meal lived in everyday life. Moreover, the chromatic aspect, in this case, was fundamental: the vegetables contained in the food allow Callegari to get distracted from the surrounding arctic white.

Nine months of design and development, which saw the team engaged in a close-knit comparison with nutritionists and with Callegari, who was able to test the tolerability of products during the settlement phase in Iceland. The most important result achieved was undoubtedly the ability to use consolidated raw materials to create something completely new. We still do not know what an incredible result Callegari will achieve in its venture, started the 1st November 2018, but we are sure that this initiative represented an incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth for Biofarma researchers and for the entire company.

What does the talent of the Research and Development team of a leader in the formulation of food supplements have in common, and the adventures of Danilo Callegari, an extreme adventurer, who recently leave for the South Pole of the world to accomplish another sensational success ...
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